How to Get a Poultice to Stick to a Wall


Perhaps the “Ask Our Pros” section of Stone Advisory Magazine should be renamed “Try to Stump Our Pros.” We’re sure that’s possible, but not today. One reader gives it a shot in the Summer edition.

If you have natural stone in your home, you may be familiar with using a poultice (stain removal application) to remove a stain from marble or other types of porous natural stone. The reader asks, “How can I get it to stick to the wall?” We can almost see the cartoonish frustration of one attempting to make liquid defy gravity. Great question.

Here are a couple of tips for poultice application techniques for walls. One, simply use less water and apply it thinly. Another very effective method is to first apply it to plastic, and then tape the plastic to the wall.

Remember this: If the poultice causes mild etching on your calcite-based stones, a follow up of light repolishing with a stone-safe polishing compound (available at will quickly have your wall looking spiffy again. Of course, give us a call if you need professional polishing or restoration.

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