We Are Stone and Tile Floor Care Specialists

Are your stone or tile floors showing wear or damage? Is slip and fall risk a concern? Our skilled technicians can resolve virtually any problems you face on your stone and tile floors. Set In Stone Restoration services commercial and residential customers in the San Diego area.


Caring and maintaining natural stone and tile floors can be challenging.  There are so many different materials that can go into creating a floor. Ceramic, granite, porcelain and marble are just  a few of the different flooring materials available. Then there are the different types of grout and sealers as well.

We specialize in and our technicians are trained in FLOORS. We can evaluate the different types of floors in your space and recommend a cleaning and restoration course of action unique to you and your issues or concerns.  

Set In Stone Restoration can clean, shine, and restore whatever floor problems you have from simple dirt and stains to cracks, chips, lippage, loose tiles and more. Set In Stone Restoration is your flooring expert.
Set In Stone Floor Tile

Floor Tile Restoration

Have your existing natural stone floors lost their shine? Are they stained, scratched, etched or otherwise damaged?

How about your tile  floors? Have your grout lines become darker, cracked or missing over time? Are some of your tiles cracked, loose or uneven? 

We restore marble, limestone, travertine, porcelain and ceramic tile and grout, and clay tiles. Our skilled technicians can resolve virtually any problems you face on your natural stone and tile floors. Our services include cleaning, sanitizing, honing, polishing, repairs, sealing, protection, and more, so your floors always make a positive impression.

Watch our floor commercial maintenance video to learn more about it.

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For a free estimate on stone and tile floor polishing, repair, sealing and protecting, or any other natural stone services throughout the San Diego area, use our CONTACT FORM or call (619) 246-0240 today!