What We Specialize In


Natural Stone

We are natural stone experts... marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx, slate, and more... Learn More

quartz / engineered stone countertop repair

Quartz Surface

Do you have scratches, stains or other damage on your Quartz countertops or floors? We can help... Learn More



No more stripping and waxing! Let's give you a beautiful enduring shine with effortless maintenance... Learn More

tile and grout cleaning

Tile & Grout

Porcelain, ceramic, Mexican tiles... no matter what kind of tile you have we know what it takes to make it look great and help you keep it looking that way... Learn More

Saltillo entryway


Clay tile, such as Saltillo, terracotta, and Mexican tiles have been used for centuries. We are trusted experts throughout the San Diego area. Learn More


Outdoor Hardscapes

Professional cleaning to remove dirt and embedded contaminants from your exterior hardscapes. Sealing services to inhibit staining and moisture damage... Learn More

How Can We Help You

For a free estimate on marble polishing, repair, sealing and protecting, or any other natural stone services throughout the San Diego area, use our CONTACT FORM or call (619) 246-0240 today!