Who We Service


Who We Service

At Set-In-Stone Restoration, we offer expert granite restoration and protection. We service residential and commercial clients throughout the San Diego area.

Business and Commercial

Most business and commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals and industrial sites like factories and warehouses can take a beating. Whether it’s foot traffic, environmental issues like weather or just daily wear and tear, surfaces get worn, stained, dull, cracked, and sustain other damage. 

Neither you nor your employees, customers, vendors, or clients have to live with or put up with worn, damaged surfaces. Chips, stains, cracks, wear, and other damage  can all be fixed and your surfaces can look like new again.

Besides aesthetics, certain types of damage can become hazards. Cracked tile can become uneven and turn into a trip hazard. Worn floors can become slippery and chipped or gouged surfaces can scrape or cut people and damage clothing.

Set-In-Stone Restoration can handle all sorts of commercial surface issues. And to make sure your surroundings stay in top-notch condition, we offer service and maintenance plans to help you stay on top of your surface care maintenance needs. 

Hardscape Restoration


Surface repair, polishing, protection, and maintenance.

Interior Residential repairs

Do you have chipped marble countertops? Are there cracks in your granite? What about broken tiles? Is your terrazzo floor yellow and worn looking? Before you replace your stone, tile, terrazzo or solid surface areas , consider having us provide expert repair services. We can fill holes in travertine, fix solid surface cracks and chips, seal granite and so much more. Don’t replace. Let us restore and renew so your surfaces can look like they did when they were first installed: Beautiful.

Exterior Residential Repairs

A home’s interior is not the only place damage or wear and tear to your surfaces can happen. A home’s exterior surfaces can take a beating as well. However, weather is not the only villian to outside surfaces. Use, accidents, and other enviromental issues can also affect your outdoor surfaces.

It doesn’t really matter how your outdoor tile patio, natural stone pool surrround, statuary, or fountain ended up looking less than new. The important thing is that you don’t have to go through the time and expense of replacement. Elite Stone and Tile Care can renew and restore your outside surfaces in a fraction of the time and cost to  replace.

How Can We Help You

For a free estimate on tile and grout, or natural stone repair polishing, repair, sealing and protecting, or any other natural stone services throughout the San Diego area, use our CONTACT FORM or call (619) 246-0240 today!