Badly Etched Marble Shower Restored

  • Marble Shower Before and After
    This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) demonstrates the quality of our marble restoration services.
  • Marble Shower Before Honing and Polishing
    This is what the shower looked like when we first arrived, BEFORE doing any restoration work.
  • Marble Shower During Honing and Polishing
    This image was taken DURING our restoration process.
  • Marble Shower After Honing and Polishing
    Here is the shower AFTER we honed and polished the marble.

Badly Etched Marble Shower

Homeowners in Alpine, California contacted us because their black marble shower had been damaged by a cleaner that was not safe for natural stone. The homeowners were not aware that marble, a calcium-based stone, was sensitive to acidic substances.

Marble Etch Damage Removal

First, we masked and protected the walls and other surfaces surrounding the stone. Then we honed the marble to remove a very thin layer of stone, which virtually erased the surface damage. To restore the high-gloss factory finish, we used progressively finer grit diamond pads to polish the stone. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, so while we were there, we replaced the caulk. We finished up with an application of a high-quality impregnating sealer.

The homeowners were relieved to see no evidence of damage and amazed at how new and stunningly beautiful the marble shower was after our restoration services. We recommended a stone-safe, pH-neutral cleaner for them to use on their shower in the future and provided them with a link to our free, downloadable Stone and Tile Care Guide.

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Set In Stone Restoration provides marble shower restoration services in Alpine and throughout the San Diego area. Is your marble shower damaged by improper cleaners? We can help! Contact us online or call 619-246-0240 today for a free estimate.