Beautiful Polished Marble Floor Medallion

Client : Homeowner in Poway Estates
Info : Marble medallion honing, polishing


This gorgeous marble medallion had lost its shine and wow-factor with time and use. The whites no longer gleamed and the colors were falling flat. Adding a medallion inlay to your floor makes for dramtic design statement, but when the time comes for professional cleaning, only a qualified contractor can do this delicate work. The homeowners knew that they needed to call someone they could trust to ensure the medallion would not be damaged.


First, we honed the floor, to remove all the tiny scratches that give the floor a dirty, hazed appearance. Our special stone restoration machinery carefully cleans and hones without damaging beautiful inlays such as this one. Then we used our marble polishing process to restore the smooth appearance of the marble. The owners were shocked to see how the decorative marble medallion came back to life.

Do you have a marble inlay that needs to be cleaned? Be sure to do your homework when selecting a professional stone restoration contractor.

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