Black Granite Countertop Polished

Client : Homeowner, Del Mar CA

Countertop Had No Sheen

Sometimes we get calls from people who think their floors or countertops will need to be replaced or at least completely refinished. Some natural stone problems are very minor and can be resolved quickly and easily. Such is the case with this black granite countertop. It just didn’t say “wow” like a black granite countertop should. It was dull-looking. It had no sheen.

A Light Polish Works Wonders

Once we had a good look at the condition of the stone, we knew this job would be a cinch. With a light polishing, the natural beauty of this black granite countertop was revealed. As you can see, it has a nice sheen, the reflection is clear, and the color is much more bold.

To learn more about granite countertop repair and restoration services, watch this short video or visit our Granite Services page.

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