Black Marble Vanity Restoration

  • Natural Stone Vanity Before and After
    These side-by-side, BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) images demonstrate the quality of our work.
  • Black Marble Vanity Before
    Notice how the marble looks grey and dull in this BEFORE image.
  • Black Marble Vanity After
    This AFTER image shows how we restored the deep, rich black color of the marble.
  • Black Marble Vanity Before
    Notice all the etch damage to the marble around the sink in this BEFORE image.
  • Black Marble Vanity After
    This AFTER image shows the dramatic difference professional honing and polishing makes!

Dull, Etched Marble Vanity

Homeowners in La Jolla, CA contacted us because their black marble vanity was dull and etched. The caulking had become unsightly, as well. Even with proper care, marble damage like this will inevitably happen little by little over the course of time with regular use.

Our Marble Restoration Process

First, we masked and protected the cabinets, walls, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then we set to work, honing the granite to remove the surface damage. Our highly trained technicians used progressively finer grit diamond pads to achieve a beautiful, polished finish. The final steps were to replace the caulk and apply a high-quality impregnating sealer.

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome. They were so glad they contacted us instead of replacing their vanity top.

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