Broken Granite Around Sink Repaired

Client : San Diego Homeowners
Info : Repair, recaulk, refinish, seal, and buff

Granite Countertop Cracked Along Sink

San Diego homeowners contacted us because they were very worried that they might have to replace their kitchen countertops after a dramatic break occurred along the front of the sink. They had no idea why the granite broke, as no one had done anything to cause such damage. It began as a crack, the crack expanded, and then the countertop fell apart in large chunks. We told them it wasn’t their fault, showed them this video and assured them that we could repair the damage.

How the Granite Damage Happened

With a properly installed sink, there is a moisture barrier that prevents water from going where it is not supposed to go. Unfortunately, this barrier failed, the metal rebar support was exposed to moisture, and over time it caused rust (iron oxidation). The expansive force of the rusting metal (called iron jacking) eventually put enough pressure on the stone that it became displaced.

We Repaired and Refinished the Broken Granite

We prepared our work area by masking and protecting the cabinet, sink, window, and backsplash and setting aside the pieces of broken granite for later.

Our first step was to remove the rusted portions of rebar. We neutralized the rust to prevent further iron oxidation and thoroughly cleaned the area. Once the granite countertop dried, we used tinted epoxy to reset reset the broken granite pieces to each other and the substrate. Our professional epoxy dried quickly and actually made the reassembled stone stronger and more secure than it was prior to breaking.

We restored the finish by honing and polishing the granite, matching the finish of the repaired area to the surrounding stone. To prevent future moisture damage, we replaced the caulk around the sink. Our final step was to seal the granite to inhibit staining and buff for a nice finishing touch.

The homeowners were very surprised at the end result, because it was difficult to see where there had been any damage. They were grateful that the cost for the repair was much less than the cost of replacement would have been.

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