Change Honed Finish to Polished

Client : Homeowners in Poway, CA
Info : Change Finish, Clean Grout Lines, Seal

The Problem

Located in Poway, CA, this limestone floor originally had a honed finish. As you can see in the BEFORE images, the floor needed some professional attention for minor problems such as embedded dirt and scratching, but the biggest problem was the grout, which was diminishing the look of the entire floor.

Our Solution

First, we honed the limestone. Our limestone honing process takes off a paper-thin layer from the surface, eliminating the microscopic texture where dirt and grime become embedded. The brand-new stone underneath emerges with a nice, low-sheen satin finish. Some homeowners prefer this finish, but in this case, the homeowners wanted more shine. We polished the floor, achieving the desired finish, and then finished off by sealing the limestone to inhibit staining.

To resolve the grout problems, we performed a deep grout cleaning, removing contaminants and giving the grout a brand-new look. See for yourself how different the floor looks in the AFTER images.

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