Change Finish From Polished To Honed

Client : Homeowner, San Diego CA
Info : Marble refinished and sealed


The busy owner of this gorgeous polished White Carrera Marble countertop wanted to wait longer between professional restoration appointments but still have a countertop that gushed high-end elegance. As you can see in the BEFORE images, even minor etches and damage that occurred with regular use were obvious against the otherwise perfect glossy finish.


We suggested to the homeowner that he have us give his countertops a soft honed finish, also called a satin finish. The light coming in the windows would reflect more evenly across the entire surface, we explained. He agreed.

So we honed the countertops not only erasing existing damage, but giving it a finish upon which etches and signs of use would be less noticeable. We finished the job by sealing the marble to inhibit staining. The homeowner loved the new look and will be able to schedule regular maintenance services further apart.

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