China Black Marble Bar Restored

Client : Homeowner in La Jolla, California
Info : Restoring a China Black Marble Bar

Marble is prone to etching

We consistently get calls from homeowners who complain of their marble becoming etched. This comes as no surprise considering marble is a very soft stone that can be easily etched by acidic elements.  This particular bar, in La Jolla, California, was almost ten years old and had never been refinished.

Our restoration process

In the first image, you can see the light colored, almost white rings and etches. People tend to panic and think that the stone is ruined when they see this type of damage, not realizing that one of the advantages of natural stone and tile is that it can be restored to like-new. The lighter-colored, very uniform area in the second image is where the stone is being honed to remove the damage. This procedure also prepares the stone for a beautiful, stunning polish. The final image demonstrates how we have brought the dull, etched marble back to life, restoring its elegant, shiny finish.

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