Black Granite Elevator Floor Refinished

  • Coronado Black Granite Elevator Entry
    This image shows how foot traffic has worn away at the polished finish in the elevator doorway.
  • Coronado Black Granite Elevator Honing and Polishing
    This image was taken during the granite restoration process.
  • Coronado Black Granite Elevator After
    This is the same section of black granite, polished to a glossy perfection.
  • Coronado Black Granite Elevator Interior Floor
    Here is the view of the whole elevator floor.
  • Before and After Granite
    The left image shows BEFORE and the right image shows AFTER our granite honing and polishing.

The Problem:

Elevator floors get a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic. The rich beauty of the granite floor in this elevator had become diminished, especially the granite tiles along the entrance to the elevator. The stone had tiny scratches and a dull, unattractive appearance.

Our Solution:

At Set-In-Stone Restoration, we always do our best to accommodate our customer’s schedules. We scheduled this job in Coronado during the hours when the elevator was used least.

After masking and protecting the surrounding areas, our technicians used a hand tool to hone the granite. The honing process erased scratches and surface damage, revealing the undamaged stone underneath. Our granite polishing process created a beautiful, glossy finish. Finally, we sealed the stone to inhibit staining.

The property owner was impressed with the dramatic results we were able to achieve, renewing the depth and clarity of the granite.

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