Del Mar Condo Travertine Floor Restored

  • Travertine Before and After
    Notice the clarity restored in this comparison: BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right).
  • Travertine Before
    Here is what the travertine looked like when we first arrived, BEFORE doing any work.
  • Travertine After
    This is the travertine AFTER honing, cleaning, and sealing.

Worn, Dull Travertine Floor

This travertine floor is located in a condo near the cliffs of Del Mar, California. The condo owners called Set In Stone Restoration when they noticed that the travertine in a small office/bedroom area had a dirty appearance, despite regular sweeping and damp mopping. The stone also looked worn and had lost its luster.

Our Travertine Restoration Process

We honed the travertine to remove surface damage and restore the elegant honed finish of the floor. Although most of the embedded dirt was removed from the tiles during the honing process, we deep cleaned the tiles to remove any remaining residue. We also deep cleaned the grout lines, leaving this floor with a fresh, clean, like-new look. Our final step was to apply a solvent-based impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

For more information about travertine restoration, such as etch removal, lippage removal (leveling uneven tiles), crack and chip repair, stain removal, sealing, filling naturally-occurring travertine holes, as well as honed, slightly polished, or high-gloss polished finish, watch one or more of these short videos: Floating TravertineTravertine Strip, Hone, and Repolish, and Travertine Repair, Restoration, and Polishing or visit our Travertine Services page.

Set-In-Stone Restoration provides travertine deep cleaning, repair and restoration, honing, and sealing services in Del Mar and  throughout the San Diego area. Contact us online or call 619-246-0240 today.