Travertine and Granite Medallion Restored

  • Travertine and Granite Medallion Before and After
    This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) shows the results we achieved.
  • Travertine and Granite Medallion Before
    Here is a closer look at the stone BEFORE restoration.
  • Travertine and Granite Medallion After
    Here is a closer look at the stone AFTER restoration.

Dirty, Dull Elevator Travertine and Granite Medallion and Floor

The clarity and reflection of this travertine and granite medallion and floor were lacking as a result of high traffic. Over the course of time the grit and other abrasive substances from the shoes of elevator occupants created tiny scratches, wearing away the smooth, attractive finish.

Our Professional Stone Restoration Services

Professional stone restoration involves honing, polishing, and more, but it also includes accommodating the needs of the client. At Set-In-Stone Restoration, we always do our best to work around our customer’s schedules to minimize inconvenience. This elevator gets a lot of use, and so it was crucial for us to schedule services during downtime.

First, we masked and protected the elevator walls and the floor threshold adjacent to the elevator floor. A floor machine would have been too big and awkward to maneuver in this limited space, so our technicians used a hand tool to hone and polish the granite and travertine. Our restoration process removed the surface damage and created a smooth, glass-like finish. We finished up with an application of impregnating sealer.

The property manager was very satisfied and appreciative of our professionalism and the excellent results.

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