Epoxy Injection Marble Floor Repair

  • Yacht Marble Floor Repaired
    The holes, marked with blue tape, are virtually invisible after epoxy injection.
  • Yacht Marble Floor Repaired
    Here is a closer look at the floor BEFORE.
  • Yacht Marble Floor Repaired
    Here is a closer look at the marble floor AFTER.

Yacht Marble Floor Problems

Downtown San Diego Harbor yacht owners contacted us when their polished marble floor with elegant inlays began lifting. The stone was detaching from the subfloor and bubbling up. Because Set In Stone Restoration has such a strong reputation as San Diego’s go-to stone restoration company, the yacht owners knew we could be entrusted with this specialized repair work.

Epoxy Injection Repair and Refinishing

To secure the marble to the subfloor again, we drilled holes in the stone and injected professional epoxy adhesive. We filled in the holes with filler that we custom tinted to match the color of the stone. Once the adhesive and fillers set, we honed and polished the marble to achieve a beautiful, reflective finish. We thoroughly cleaned the stone and sealed it with a high-quality impregnating sealer.

The yacht owners were grateful that we were able to preserve their investment.

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