Epoxy Stain Does Wonders for Grout

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  • tile-and-grout-after
  • tile-and-grout-before-and-after

Unsightly Grout Lines

Homeowners in Poway, CA called us because their grout lines would not come clean, even with vigorous scrubbing. Unfortunately, dirt and grime on the tiles and trapped in grout lines can really diminished the elegance of a beautiful tile and grout floor.

Notice the BEFORE image. When grout lines get dirty like this, it’s time for some professional attention.

The Solution

First, we cleaned the floor with a light acid wash. Then, we applied an epoxy grout stain to the grout lines. In the AFTER image, you can see what a difference our grout color staining services make. The grout lines look brand new. The entire floor looks brand new!

The homeowners were thrilled to learn that the grout is no longer as susceptible to staining, which will make regular cleaning and maintenance a cinch.

To learn more, visit our Tile and Grout Services page and watch this short video.

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