Granite Countertop Crack Repaired

  • Granite Water Damage Repair San Diego
    Notice how deep and long the crack in this granite countertop is.
  • Rusted Metal Rods Under Granite
    Here you can see the rusted metal rods under the granite countertop.
  • San Diego Granite Countertop Repairs
    This image shows the granite countertop reassembled but not yet honed and polished.
  • Granite Damage Repaired San Diego
    After our granite countertop crack repair services, it’s hard to tell the countertop was ever damaged.
  • Granite Water Damage San Diego
    The top image shows the damage. The bottom image shows the repaired granite countertop. What a difference!

The Problem

What began as a small crack in this granite countertop eventually expanded into a deep, long crack. The San Diego homeowner contacted us to find out whether we could prevent the countertop from falling apart.

Why Granite Countertops Crack

There are many reasons why a granite countertop can develop cracks. In this particular case, the crack was caused by moisture making its way past the moisture barrier and then corroding the metal rods around the sink. The metal rods were originally placed by the fabricators who installed the countertop.

Our Granite Crack Repair Process

First, we protected the surrounding area with plastic and tape. Then, we removed a section of the stone to expose the damaged area underneath. After we removed the rusted metal rods and cleaned the sink substrate, we replaced the section of granite that had been removed. We used layers of caulking and tinted epoxy to secure the stone and prevent future problems. After allowing ample cure time, we honed and polished the granite countertop to a beautiful, reflective finish.

The homeowners were happy that the cost of repair was significantly less than the cost of replacement. They were surprised at how well the repaired area blended with the existing countertop.

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