Precision Granite Crack Repair

Client : Homeowners in San Diego
Info : Granite countertop crack repaired, honed, and polished

The Problem

What started off as a small crack in this granite countertop eventually expanded to a crack almost the full length of the sink. The San Diego homeowners called us when a section of the countertop broke off completely.

What Caused the Granite Countertop Break and Crack

The fabricators who originally installed the sink used metal rods inside the granite countertop. The moisture barrier failed, causing the metal rods to corrode, rust, and expand, which in turn caused the stone to crack and break.

How We Repaired the Granite Damage

First, we protected the cabinet, sink, backsplash, and other surfaces next to our work area using masking tape and plastic. We removed any loose pieces of stone and set them aside for later. Then, we removed the damaged portions of the metal rods and cleaned the area in preparation for resetting the broken pieces of granite. To prevent future damage, we carefully reassembled and secured the pieces to each other and to the substrate using tinted epoxy and caulking. After allowing ample cure time, we finished by honing and polishing the granite countertop to restore the shine.

The cost of repair versus the cost of replacement was a no-brainer for these homeowners. They loved the end result and were glad they had called us.

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