Cracks Repaired and Granite Refinished

  • Water Damage Causes Granite Countertop Crack
    Improper installation and the resulting water damage caused a large, very noticeable crack in this granite countertop.
  • Granite Damage San Diego
    Here is a close up shot of the rusted metal rod.
  • Failed Moisture Barrier San Diego
    The damage was behind the faucet, as well.
  • Granite Countertop Crack Repair San Diego
    We repaired this broken granite countertop, blending and refinishing the repaired area nicely with the surrounding stone.
  • San Diego Marble Crack Repair Before and After
    Don’t replace broken granite countertops. As you can see, they can be restored to like new.

The Problem

San Diego homeowners had cracks in the granite around their sink. We didn’t even need to go inspect the problem to know what caused it. Many fabricators install metal rods into stone around the sink area for structural support, along with moisture barriers to prevent these rods from rusting. If this barrier fails, the rods rust and expand, causing granite countertop cracks.

Our Granite Crack Repair Process

First, we masked and protected the sink, cabinet, and other surfaces to protect them from damage during our granite countertop crack repair process. We removed pieces of stone that would eventually loosen and break anyway and set them aside for reassembly later. Then, we removed the rusted portions of the metal rods so they would not cause future damage. We used tinted epoxy and multiple layers of caulking to secure each piece of stone to the substrate and the adjacent stone. Finally, we honed and polished the granite to match the finish of our repair site with that of the rest of the countertop.

The homeowners saw the dramatic difference our granite crack repair services made in the appearance and durability of the countertop, and they were very glad they had called us instead of having the entire countertop replaced.

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