Grout Lines Color Sealed

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
    Notice what a contrast there was between the tile color and the grout color.
  • Grout Color Sealing
    The darker grout color helped give this floor a more authentic looking hardwood floor appearance.
  • Grout Color Sealer
    A side-by-side comparison shows the dramatic difference grout color sealing makes.


Los Angeles homeowners called us because their porcelain tile and grout floor, which was supposed to have a wood look, had problematic grout lines. The grout was too bright and gave the floor more of a traditional tile and grout appearance rather than the modern wood floor appearance they had in mind.


First, we cleaned and sanitized the tile and grout with an acidic cleanser. Then, we thoroughly rinsed the floor with hot water, and our extraction process removed the excess water. Once the floor was completely dry, we applied a dark grout color sealer to the grout lines. Grout color sealing not only gave the floor a completely different look, but it will provide lasting stain protection and improve the ease of maintenance for years to come.

The homeowners were glad they had called Set In Stone Restoration and told us how pleased they were with our work.

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