Honed Marble Scratches Removed

Client : Homeowners in San Diego
Info : Marble scratch removal and refinishing

The Problem

Marble countertops are luxurious and have a classic look that suits almost any decor. Unfortunately, marble can be scratched easily. This San Diego countertop had quite a few significant scratches in a very obvious place. When the light hit the countertop just right, it gave the entire kitchen a run-down appearance.

About Marble Scratches

Some marble scratches can be removed with polishing compounds. If you are going to attempt to remove marble scratches yourself, you may want to consult with us first. We’ve refinished many countertops that required professional attention due to improper DIY methods. Scratch removal can be tricky. Deep scratches, such as those in this case study, should always be removed by a professional stone restoration contractor to avoid further damage of the stone.

Our Scratch Removal and Refinishing

First, we honed the marble using a series of progressively finer diamond grits. Honing smoothed over the rough texture and the unsightly appearance of the scratches and restored the soft matte finish.

The homeowners raved about our scratch removal methods and were very satisfied with the appearance of their countertops. They were relieved that they were able to avoid a costly replacement.

Visit our Marble Services page or watch this short video to learn more about professional marble restoration services and this video to learn more about natural stone restoration for commercial properties.

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