Honed Travertine Like New Again

  • Professional Travertine Honing and Restoration
    Notice how dark and dirty the grout lines were before we began travertine restoration.
  • Professional Travertine Honing and Restoration
    Here is the same travertine floor after honing and restoration.
  • Professional Travertine Honing
    This is side-by-side comparison demonstrates the high quality results we achieve.

Travertine in Poor Condition

Homeowners in Poway had not had their travertine floors professionally cleaned and sealed in years. The finish was scratched and dull and the grout lines were embedded with dirt and contaminants.

Our Travertine Restoration Process

First, we honed the travertine to remove a thin upper layer of the stone, virtually erasing any surface damage. To restore the slight reflection of the high honed finish, we gave the floor a light polish. We deep cleaned and sanitized the floor to remove any residue left from honing and polishing, paying close attention to the grout lines. Finally, we applied an impregnating sealer. Sealing the travertine will help inhibit staining, which is especially important in kitchen and dining areas where spills are most likely to happen.

The homeowners loved the brand new look of their travertine.

For more information about travertine restoration, such as etch removal, lippage removal (leveling uneven tiles), crack and chip repair, stain removal, sealing, filling naturally-occurring travertine holes, as well as honed, slightly polished, or high-gloss polished finish, watch one or more of these short videos: Floating TravertineTravertine Strip, Hone, and Repolish, and Travertine Repair, Restoration, and Polishing or visit our Travertine Services page.

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