Limestone Countertop Etch Removal

Client : Homeowners in Poway, CA
Info : Limestone countertop etch removal, sealing

Severe Limestone Countertop Etch

Limestone, a very soft and sensitive stone, can easily be etched. Severe etching, shown in the BEFORE IMAGE, feels rough to the touch and can’t be removed using DIY methods. The owners of this limestone countertop called us to find out if we could remove the etch and perhaps do something to stop it from happening again.

Our Professional Etch Removal Process

To remove an etch from limestone or other types of natural stone, we hone the surface to remove a very thin upper layer of the stone, erasing the etch. The AFTER image demonstrates how not a trace of the etch remained on this countertop. With our professional etch removal, natural stone looks brand new again.

We treated and re-sealed this countertop, which will inhibit staining.

We take pride in educating our customers on proper stone care. For countertops, it is important to remember to wipe up spills right away and to always use a pH neutral cleaner. For more information on stone care, visit our Caring For It page, where you can download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide and order recommended stone-safe products.

To learn more, visit our Limestone Services page.

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