Red Limestone Etch Removal and Polish

  • red-limestone-before
  • red-limestone-after
  • red-limestone-etching
  • red-limestone-etch-removal
  • before-after-limestone-restoration


The “water stains” you see here are technically not water stains at all. This red limestone tub surround has etch damage.

Etching is a chemical reaction between calcium in natural stone and acidic substances that come into contact with the stone by accident, such as fruit juice and cosmetics, or on purpose, such as cleaners that turn out to be unsafe for stone.


We honed the limestone to remove the surface damage and polished it to a glass-like shine. Notice in the AFTER images how elegant the stone looks, once again.

Our final step was to seal this limestone tub surround to inhibit staining.

We take pride in educating our customers on proper stone care. For tub surrounds, it is important to remember to wipe up spills right away and to always use a pH neutral cleaner. For more information on stone care, visit our Caring For It page, where you can download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide and order recommended stone-safe products.

To learn more, visit our Limestone Services page.

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