Shower Threshold Repaired and Restored

Client : Homeowner in Del Mar, CA
Info : Limestone repaired and honed

Damaged Limestone Shower Threshold

Limestone can be problematic when it comes to shower applications, especially if improper cleaners are used. Homeowners in Del Mar, California were concerned about their limestone shower, because the shower threshold had become pitted over the course of time due to glass cleaner that had dripped down onto the stone from the shower door. They requested a free estimate on our professional limestone shower restoration services, and then scheduled after we consulted with them.

Limestone Shower Repair and Restoration

We honed the threshold to remove any surface damage and prepare the surface for the next step. To fill in the holes, we floated (filled in the holes) with a high-quality, custom-tinted epoxy filler. We restored the finish with additional honing and polishing, matching the finish of the repaired portions with the surrounding stone. Our final steps were to seal the limestone to inhibit staining and re-caulked to discourage any future moisture damage.

The homeowners were glad that our restoration services enabled them to avoid the hefty cost of a demo and new install. We advised them to either use a pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaner on the shower door in the future or, if they continued to use glass cleaner, to protect the stone from drips.

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