Marble Countertop Honing and Polishing

  • vanity-before-after


This bathroom countertop, polished emperador dark marble, was in poor shape with severe etching from cosmetics and cleaning products. Notice the white marks and the dull, cloudy condition of the stone in the BEFORE image.


With our marble vanity honing process, we removed the uppermost layer of stone where the etching, scratches, and other damage were, revealing the brand new stone underneath. Notice how we removed the hardware to avoid damaging it. Our marble polishing process restored the glass-like shine, which you can see in the AFTER image. We also sealed the stone to inhibit staining in the future.

To learn more about marble restoration, visit our Marble Services page or watch these short videos: Chanel Store Marble Restoration or Marble Floor Refinishing and Restoration.

We polish and seal marble vanity tops and countertops and provide marble floor honing and polishing services. Contact us online or call 619-246-0240 today for your residential or commercial marble needs.