Marble Floor Factory Finish Restored

  • Marble Grout Replacement
    We filled the grout lines with white epoxy grout.
  • Marble Floor Regrouting
    This image was taken after the grout was finished but before the floor was honed and polished.
  • Refinished Marble Floor
    Here is the refinished marble floor with a beautiful reflection.
  • Marble Floor Before and After
    These marble floor images from before and after refinishing show what kind of results all our customers can expect.

Problematic Grout Lines and Dull Finish

Los Angeles homeowners wanted new white epoxy grout for their marble floor. They also were not happy with the finish.

Marble Problems Solved

We installed new white epoxy grout on the entire floor. Once the grout completely dried, we honed and polished the floor to achieve the glossy finish the homeowners wanted.

As you can see, our professional marble restoration and refinishing knowledge and experience is apparent in our work.

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