Satin Finish Marble Rejuvenated

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The Rancho Santa Fe owners of this soft satin honed marble floor did not want a glossy, mirror like polish, but they felt that their current finish was kind of dull.

After having a look at the floor, we told them that dirt, minor scratches, and overall dullness were contributing to their dissatisfaction with the finish.

Our Solution

We honed the floor to remove the surface wear and damage. Then we deep-cleaned the grout lines and lightly polished the floor to add shine. Finally, we applied a solvent-based, impregnating stone sealer to inhibit staining.

Now, the marble has a clean and beautiful soft sheen with just the right amount of reflection.

To learn more about marble restoration, watch this short video: Marble Floor Refinishing and Restoration or visit our Marble Services page.

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