Marble Shower Walls Polished

Client : Homeowners in Coronado, CA
Info : Marble honed, polished, cleaned, and sealed.

Soap Scum and Hard Water Deposits

Coronado, California homeowners were dissatisfied with the appearance of their marble shower. A heavy buildup of soap scum and calcium deposits caused by hard water diminished the appearance of the polished finish. They contacted us for a free estimate on professional marble shower restoration services.

Our Marble Restoration Process

We used a multistep process to restore this shower to a like-new condition, including honing, polishing, cleaning, and sealing.

To hone and polish, we used a hand tool mounted with diamond abrasives. We honed the marble surface. This effectively removed all of the buildup, as well as any surface damage, such as etching or scratches. Then, we polished and refinished the stone, restoring the color, clarity, and reflection.

We finished up by deep cleaning the stone and applying a sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were very pleased with the beautiful, glass-like finish of their marble shower.

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Set In Stone Restoration provides marble shower restoration services in Coronado and throughout the San Diego area. Is your marble shower damaged by improper cleaners? We can help! Contact us online or call 619-246-0240 today for a free estimate.