Marble Vanity Rust Removal

  • Vanity Rust Removal
    Our professional rust removal services improved the appearance of this vanity top.
  • Vanity Rust Removal
    We protected the hardware against the chemicals we used for rust removal.
  • Vanity Rust Removal
    Our professional solutions achieve far better results than any DIY methods.
  • Vanity Rust Removal
    Here is the vanity top after honing and caulk replacement.
  • Vanity Rust Removal
    Here is the lightly polished, cleaned, and sealed vanity top.

Rust Marks on Marble Vanity

Homeowners in Carlsbad, California called us to see if we could remove rust stains on their marble vanity caused by moisture under metal storage containers. The homeowners requested that whatever work we do, we leave the vanity with a soft, matte finish.

Marble Rust Stain Removal and Refinishing

First, we masked and protected the cabinets, walls, and other surfaces around our work area. Then we set to work, starting with applying professional rust remover. We honed the marble, which removed a very thin, upper layer of  stone, virtually erasing the rust stains and other surface damage. We used finer grit diamond pads to continue honing to a velvety soft, matte finish.

The homeowners loved the way the vanity looked, and they were very happy they were able to avoid the cost of replacement.

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