Mexican Pavers a.k.a. Saltillo Cleaned

  • Saltillo-before-stripping
  • Saltillo-after-stripping
  • half-stained-Saltillo
  • stained-and-sealed-Saltillo
  • Saltillo-restored


This Rancho Santa Fe home had older Mexican pavers, otherwise know as Saltillo tiles, that were faded and dirty looking.

We love jobs like this, because we have the opportunity to transform what might otherwise look like a floor that should be replaced into a floor that looks irreplaceable.


The images show the results of our step-by-step processes: stripping, cleaning, staining, and sealing with a topical sealer. During the stripping process, we had to go over the floor several times to completely remove all of the old coatings. The Saltillo also required several coats of stain. We finished the floor with a coat of Ole Wet Look topical sealer.

As you can see, the outcome is beautiful. Instead of creating a drab atmosphere in the home, this floor now makes a Southwestern-style design statement. To learn more about restoration services for Mexican pavers or Saltillo tiles, visit our Saltillo Cleaning and Sealing Services page.

Saltillo tile is delicate and can be difficult to clean. Our highly qualified professional technicians can perform these services for you. To discuss your Saltillo needs, contact us online or call us today (619) 246-0240.