New Finish for Dull Exterior Quartzite

  • Exterior Quartzite Restoration
    You can clearly see in the images the difference between the enhanced portions of stone and areas that had not yet been enhanced.
  • Exterior Quartzite Restoration
    Here is another image was taken DURING the color enhancing process.

Weather-Worn Quartzite Pool and Patio Area

The owners of a beautiful ocean-view home in La Jolla, California contacted us because the quartzite in their pool and patio area had lost its luster, depth of color, and clarity. This damage happened over the course of time due to exposure to the elements. The grout lines were dark and in some places the grout was cracked and broken. We assured the homeowners that with our extensive experience in restoring all exterior natural stone, they would be glad they contacted us.

Our Exterior Quartzite Restoration Process

We took special care to protect the landscaping and surfaces surrounding our work area. Our restoration process began with deep cleaning, using scrub brushes and a professional acid wash solution. We repaired the damaged grout and honed the stone to remove surface damage and prepare for the next step, color enhancing. We used a water-based sealer to intensify the appearance of the beautiful greens and blues in the quartzite.

To learn more, view our Natural Stone Pool Decks and Patios Services video.

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