New Finish for 15-Year-Old Travertine

Client : Homeowner in Del Cerro, San Diego, CA
Info : Honing and Polishing

15 years without professional maintenance

Located in Del Cerro, San Diego, this honed travertine was in very bad condition after going almost fifteen years without any kind of professional maintenance services. The BEFORE images show what the floor looked like when we first arrived.

The appearance of honed and filled travertine declines with each passing year. The filler in the naturally occurring holes becomes loose or pops out, leaving dirty, unsightly blemishes. With regular maintenance services, filled travertine always looks great, but it had been so long since the last time this travertine floor was serviced, the homeowners wondered if restoration were even possible. They called Set In Stone, hoping that our travertine refinishing services could restore the former beauty of this floor.

How we restored this travertine

First, we restored the smooth finish by filling the holes with tinted epoxy. Then we polished the travertine to a high sheen, as requested by the homeowners. With our travertine floor restoration processes, even the grout came back to a like-new condition. As you can see in the AFTER images, this floor really turned out beautifully.

For more information about travertine restoration, such as etch removal, lippage removal (leveling uneven tiles), crack and chip repair, stain removal, sealing, filling naturally-occurring travertine holes, as well as honed, slightly polished, or high-gloss polished finish, watch one or more of these short videos: Floating TravertineTravertine Strip, Hone, and Repolish, and Travertine Repair, Restoration, and Polishing or visit our Travertine Services page.

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