Old Town Marble Restoration

Client : Homeowners in Old Town
Info : Hone, Polish, Clean, and Seal

The Problem

Located in Old Town — Mission Hills San Diego, this marble and granite floor was installed almost 25 years ago, yet it had never been professionally serviced since its installation. Consequently, it was in need of complete restoration.

Further Complications

Most stone floors are comprised of one stone type. This floor had both marble and granite. Marble is softer and requires different restoration processes compared to granite. These homeowners needed a restoration contractor with the knowledge and experience to restore a floor comprised of mixed materials.

Our Solution

We carefully honed the scratched and damaged marble using diamond-abrasive pads, avoiding the granite, a harder stone that is less prone to damage. Then we polished the entire floor, both the marble and the granite inlays and borders, and cleaned the grout lines. Finally, we sealed the stone to inhibit staining. The results were beautiful, as you can see in the AFTER image.

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