Point Loma Saltillo Beautifully Restored

  • Saltillo Before and After
    This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) shows the amazing difference our Saltillo restoration services make.
  • Saltillo Old Coating
    Here is a BEFORE image showing the old topical coating peeled away from the Saltillo.
  • Saltillo Stripping
    We thoroughly stripped the Saltillo floor with professional stripper and a floor machine with a soft scrub pad.
  • Stripped Saltillo
    Here is the stripped Saltillo without any new topical sealer.
  • Saltillo Dirty Grout Lines
    Notice the dark grout lines.
  • Deep Cleaned Saltillo
    This image shows the deep cleaned floor and grout lines without any stain or sealer applied yet.
  • Stained and Sealed Saltillo
    This AFTER image shows the restored Saltillo. Our staining and sealing renewed the color and gave the floor a beautiful shine.

Old Topical Sealer Diminished the Appearance of This Saltillo

Over the course of time, Saltillo tiles, aka Mexican tiles, can become dirty from foot traffic and unsightly with light scratches and damage to the topical coating. Homeowners in Point Loma, California did not like the look of their Saltillo. They knew it was time to have their Saltillo professionally serviced, so they contacted us for a FREE estimate.

Our Saltillo Restoration Process

First, we masked and protected the walls and other surrounding areas. Our multistep Saltillo restoration process started with completely stripping off the old coating and thoroughly cleaning the tiles and deep cleaning the grout lines. Then, we applied several coats of a high-quality professional stain to rejuvenate the earth tone colors of the tiles. We finished up with a new application of topical sealer to give the tiles a nice, glossy appearance and inhibit staining.

The homeowners were so glad to see that their once-drab floor now looked fabulous with the color and shine restored.

To learn more about restoration services for Saltillo tiles, visit our Saltillo Cleaning and Sealing Services page.

Saltillo tile restoration is a specialized field. Our highly qualified professional technicians understand how delicate this tile is and use care when stripping, cleaning, and resealing Saltillo tile floors. Contact us online or call us today (619) 246-0240 for a FREE estimate on Saltillo services.