Polished Marble Etches Removed

  • Shower Cleaned and Restored
    What a difference professional cleaning and restoration makes!

Marble Shower Had Etched Finish

This marble shower in a San Diego home had etch damage from improper cleaning solutions. When acidic substances come into contact with calcium in natural stone, the appearance and texture of the surface of the stone changes. The homeowners had no idea that cleaning can never remove etches, because etches must be honed away. When they called us about the problem, we explained that etch removal most often requires professional restoration.

Our Professional Shower Restoration Process

We utilized the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to tackle the etch problem in this marble shower. First, we honed the stone to remove a very thin upper layer, virtually erasing damage and revealing the smooth, clean stone underneath. Then, we polished the marble to restore it to a beautiful, factory finish. Our final step was to apply a penetrating sealer to inhibit staining.

The homeowners were thrilled at how clean and new their shower looked with all the etch damage removed.

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