Polished Marble Factory Marks Removed

  • Marble Before
    Notice the scratches on the brand new marble.
  • Marble After
    This image was taken after we honed and polished the marble. No more scratches!
  • Marble Before and After
    You can see for yourself that our marble scratch repair and refinishing services were very effective.


A San Diego installer called us after discovering scratches in the stone. Many installers attempt to fix mistakes themselves and make matters worse. Thankfully this one called us without attempting scratch repair. We assured him that we would be able to restore the factory finish to the marble floor.


First, we honed the scratched portion of the marble to remove a very thin layer of the stone’s surface, virtually erasing damage. Then, we polished over the honed area, carefully matching and blending the existing polished finish with the new polished finish. We were able to achieve incredible consistency, leaving no evidence that it had ever been damaged.

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