Porcelain Shower Grout Color Sealing

  • Porcelain Shower Restoration
    Our professional shower restoration services took this tile and grout from dirty and dull to clean and like-new.

Soap Residue and Dingy Grout Lines

This Los Angeles porcelain shower had seen better days. The tiles were dull from a buildup of soap residue and the grout lines no longer looked clean and new. The homeowners scrubbed the shower regularly, but they were not happy with the results. They scheduled professional shower restoration services with us, hoping we could give their shower a brand new look.

Our Shower Restoration Process

We saturated the shower walls with professional cleaner designed to break down residual buildup. After allowing ample dwell time, we used brushes mounted on a hand tool to thoroughly scrub and sanitize the tile and grout lines. Our intensive professional cleaning left the shower clean and fresh. We color sealed the grout lines to fill in the tiny pores of the sanded grout where contaminants might otherwise lodge and enable the homeowners to have a much easier time with regular cleaning in the future.

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