Quartzite Floor Cleaned and Restored

Client : Homeowners in La Jolla, CA
Info : Quartzite honing, cleaning, and polishing


The appearance of this quartzite floor in a La Jolla, CA home had diminished with over ten years of traffic and use and no professional maintenance. The natural colors in the quartzite had become very muted, and the floor looked dirty and old.


We used special stone-safe cleaners to remove surface dirt and grime, then we honed the floor to remove embedded dirt, scratches, dullness, and other damage. The quartzite honing process removes a very thin, upper layer of stone, revealing the brand new quartzite underneath. For all intents and purposes, the floor has become “brand new” again.

What a difference a good restoration with the right cleaners can make! The floor now has a velvety smooth, clean finish. To learn more about quartzite restoration, visit our Quartzite Services page.

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