Rancho Bernardo Travertine Repair

  • Travertine Hole Repaired
    Notice the uniform appearance of the floor after the hole repair.

Conspicuous Hole in Travertine Floor

Homeowners in Rancho Bernardo, California were unpleasantly surprised by a very noticeable hole in their otherwise pristine travertine floor. They contacted us for a free estimate on travertine hole repair. We explained that this is a common type of repair for travertine, which has naturally occurring holes that may or may not be filled before the stone is purchased and installed, depending on the kind of look the homeowner wants. In this case, the travertine was filled, so a hole looked out of place.

Travertine Hole Filled and Repaired

Filling a hole in travertine is not difficult, but it does require the expertise of a stone restoration contractor who is experienced in color matching, as well as repair and refinishing methods. First, we custom tinted epoxy to match with the color of the travertine. Then, we used a small hand tool to shape the hole in such a way as to be most conducive to adhesion. We filled the hole, allowed the material to set, and buffed to level it out and blend the repaired area with the surrounding stone.

The homeowners were surprised at the excellent results of our travertine hole repair services.

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