Remove Sealer and Water Deposits

Client : Homeowner in Carmel Valley, CA
Info : Strip and Seal

The Problem

The appearance of the red quarry tile in an outdoor living space in this Carmel Valley home was cloudy and dull due to a deteriorating coat of topical sealer.

Our lasting solution

First, we stripped the old, deteriorated coating and hard water deposits off the tile and grout. The homeowners were shocked to see how new and beautiful the tile was.

Instead of re-applying another topical sealer that would quickly discolor and deteriorate in the outdoor conditions, we applied a penetrating sealer, specially made to withstand the sun and the elements.

Not only were the homeowners very pleased with the outcome, but they were also relieved to hear that the like-new look of the tiles would last a long time without the need to strip off and reapply coatings in the future.

Customer satisfaction, our #1 concern

At Set In Stone, we’ve earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Some less-than-reputable stone and tile companies might have taken advantage of this situation, continuously coming back to strip and reapply a coating that obviously wasn’t made to withstand the elements. Although these customers won’t need to have their quarry tiles serviced again any time soon, they may call us for an unrelated job or refer us to someone else.

We believe that living up to our reputation will pay off in the long run.

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