Restoring a Yellowed Marble Floor

  • yellowed-marble

The Problem

This thirty-year-old polished marble floor in Point Loma, CA had become yellowed, as you can see in the BEFORE image. The grout lines were dirty, and the overall appearance of the floor had become diminished with time and use.

Our Solution

First, we resurfaced the marble to remove a very thin upper layer and reveal the brand new stone underneath. As you can see in the AFTER image, the beautiful, natural patina of the marble was restored. We polished the floor to achieve the finish the homeowner wanted. The final touch was to clean and reseal the grout lines. What a difference!

Do your marble floors look dirty and old?

Marble floors can make elegant design statement with the proper care. As you can see, even thirty-year-old marble floors can look brand new again. If you are thinking of having your marble floors replaced, think again. Professional stone restoration services is the answer. Watch this short video to learn more about marble floor restoration services or visit our Marble Services page.

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