San Diego Grout Removal and Replacement

Client : Homeowners in San Diego, CA
Info : Grout removed and replaced, tile and grout cleaned and sealed

Stained Grout Lines

Homeowners in San Diego, California contacted us because the grout lines in their bathroom appeared to be dirty, even when they were completely cleaned and sanitized. It was very frustrating for them, because the tub and shower made a negative impression on guests. In most cases, dirty grout lines will come clean with our powerful deep cleaning equipment and professional cleaning solutions, but in this case, the grout was extremely porous and in poor condition. We recommended complete grout removal and replacement. The homeowners agreed.

Grout Replacement

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding the tub and shower areas. Then, we used a hand tool with a special tip to safely remove the grout without causing any damage to the porcelain tiles. We vacuumed the grout lines to remove any residual debris and installed brand new grout. After the grout set, we finished up by cleaning and sealing the tile and grout.

The homeowners were so glad that their bathroom had a fresh, clean appearance and that they would no longer be embarrassed when guests came to visit.

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