Slate Shower Beautifully Restored

  • Slate Shower Before
    Notice the dullness, stains, and damage in this BEFORE image.
  • Slate Shower After
    You can see in this AFTER image that the slate color and shine are restored.
  • Slate Shower Before and After
    This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) comparison shows the results we achieved.
  • Shower Niche Before
    Here is a BEFORE image of the niche.
  • Shower Niche After
    Here is an AFTER image of the niche.
  • Shower Niche Before and After
    Notice the difference in this BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) comparison.

Slate Shower Soap Scum and Other Problems

It’s no secret that soap scum buildup can be a problem in showers, but for this particular shower, cleaning the soap scum was a real challenge. Homeowners in La Jolla, California contacted us because the textured finish in their slate shower made scrubbing awkward and ineffective. In some places, their aggressive cleaning methods had caused damage to the caulk. The normal daily care was no big deal, but these homeowners were fed up with deep cleaning wanted to leave it to properly equipped professionals.

Our Slate Restoration Process

To remove the soap scum and deep clean the textured surface we used high-quality professional cleaning solutions and an antiquing brush designed for safe, yet heavy-duty cleaning. Once the stone was completely sanitized, we applied a resin-based, color enhancing sealer. We also recaulked in any areas where the caulk was damaged or missing.

The homeowners loved the deep, rich color and shine of their like-new slate shower.

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