Slate Stripped, Cleaned, and Sealed

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  • Damaged-Slate-Tile

The problem

A contractor put a topical sealer on this Montauk Blue slate tile floor, an improper restoration method that looks beautiful at first, but over time causes some major problems. The chalky white powdery residue you see in the first image is called efflorescence, which formed on the surface of the slate, due to moisture being trapped in the stone by the topical sealer. In addition, regular foot traffic caused the sealer to wear away in some spots, and in other spots, to trap dirt and grime deposits.

The solution

First we stripped the floor so that we could start with a clean slate (pun intended). The slate stripping process completely removed all the old topical sealer. Our next step was to clean and neutralize the floor. The slate cleaning and neutralization process prepared the floor for the final step, applying a penetrating sealer. Slate sealing with a penetrating sealer ensured that our customer would never have to have the floor stripped and that there would be no future problems with efflorescence. You can see in the second image how much better the stone looks. The floor has a nice bold color that really shows the beauty of Montauk Blue slate.

Need your slate cleaned?

Slate restoration is complicated. Only an experienced, knowledgable stone restoration contractor should restore your slate. To learn more about slate restoration, visit our Slate Services page.

The stone restoration experts at Set-In-Stone Restoration have the knowledge and experience to properly restore your slate. We don’t just slap a coat of topical sealer on it, because we would rather provide a long-term solution for your slate needs. If you live in the San Diego area and your slate floor needs some attention, contact us online or call 619-246-0240 today for a free estimate. We also provide services for slate walls, showers, or other surfaces that need to be restored.