Deep Cleaning and Grout Color Sealing

  • Brown Porcelain Grout Before
    This is what the floor looked like when we first arrived.
  • Brown Porcelain Grout After
    Notice the dramatic difference our restoration services made!
  • Brown Porcelain Grout Before and After
    The left image shows BEFORE and the right image shows AFTER our professional tile and grout services.


Periodic professional cleaning is necessary to get rid of deep, ground-in dirt and contaminants. Sweeping and mopping can only accomplish so much. San Diego homeowners did not want to spend an entire weekend deck scrubbing their floors only to have them looking just as bad a month or two down the road. They called us asking for long-lasting results.


Our professional deep cleaning and grout color sealing techniques literally transformed this tile and grout floor. First, we used an acidic cleanser, followed by a hot water rinsing and extracting process to completely clean and sanitize the floor. Then, after allowing ample dry time, we applied a dark color sealer to the grout lines to prevent staining, give the floor a brand new look, and provide lasting results that would be much easier to maintain between professional cleanings.

The homeowners were absolutely satisfied with the results and very happy that they had called Set In Stone Restoration.

To learn more about tile and grout cleaning, watch this short video and visit our Tile and Grout Services page. You may also be interested in viewing The Advantages of Grout Color Sealing.

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