Travertine and Wood Inlays Restored

  • Travertine With Wood Inlays
    If you’re worried about having your travertine floors cleaned because of wood or other inlays, contact us.

Unsightly Travertine Floor With Wood Inlays

San Diego homeowners contacted us because their travertine floor with wood inlays would not come clean with regular cleaning methods. They were especially concerned because the floor had two very different surfaces, wood and stone, and wanted to find a professional restoration company with the knowledge and experience to safely clean and refinish the floor without causing any damage. We consulted with them and showed them before and after images of our work (for example, see Polishing Limestone With Wood Inlays).

Refinishing the Travertine and Wood Floor

We used specialized equipment to hone away the imperfections on the surface of this travertine and restore the soft matte finish without damaging the wood inlays. We also deep cleaned to remove contaminants, leaving the floor with a fresh and beautiful appearance.

As you can see, natural stone floors with wood inlays (other decorative elements) can be safely restored. Inexperienced contractors may do more harm than good, but your floors are safe with Set In Stone Restoration. We know how to protect special features and surrounding surfaces that have the potential to become damaged during the restoration process, and we always achieve fantastic results.

To learn more, visit our Travertine Services page.

At Set In Stone Restoration, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to safely restore travertine and virtually any type of natural stone surface. We provide comprehensive travertine floor restoration services throughout the San Diego area. Contact us online or call 619-246-0240 today for a free estimate.