Well-Trafficked Travertine Cleaned and Honed

  • Travertine Before
    This is what the floor looked like when we first arrived. Notice the dirty grout lines.
  • Travertine After
    Here is the same floor, cleaned, sanitized, and honed to perfection.
  • Travertine Before and After
    This side-by-side comparison demonstrates the results we consistently achieve on every job. No more dirty grout lines!

Dirty, Worn Travertine

The well-trafficked travertine floor in this San Diego home had been exposed to spilled drinks, dirt and grime tracked in on shoe soles, and other factors that contributed to an increasingly poor appearance. The homeowners called us to find out whether having their floor professionally serviced would ruin the soft, satin finish. We assured them we could clean, sanitize, and refinish the floor while maintaining the finish they wanted.


First, we masked and protected the walls, cabinets, and other items surrounding our work area. Then, we honed and deep cleaned travertine, removing the embedded contaminants. The homeowners were very happy to see the nice, clean grout lines and the beauty and elegance of their travertine restored.

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