Rancho Santa Fe Travertine Restoration

Client : Homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Info : Travertine honed, polished, and sealed

Etch-Damaged Travertine

Homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe, California contacted us because their travertine floor had etch damage. There were several possible causes for this damage, from improper cleaners to drink spills, but the common denominator, regardless of the cause, is some sort of acidic substance coming into contact with the calcium in the stone and causing a chemical reaction.

Our Travertine Restoration Process

Although our restoration processes are relatively contained, we always take care to protect the surfaces surrounding our work area.

Our first step was to hone the travertine to remove the surface damage. Some contractors refer to this process as wet sanding. Basically, the honing process takes an extremely thin layer of stone off the top and reveals the brand new stone underneath.

We restored the glass-like shine by polishing and applied a high quality impregnating sealer to inhibit staining. The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.

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